The International Credit Union Regulators' Network ICURN is an independent and not-for-profit association of financial cooperative supervisors from around the world.  It provides supervisor training and is governed by a board of directors comprised of its members.  Its Secretariat office is based in the USA.

Over 60 supervisors worldwide have attended the annual ICURN Conference on July 24-26, 2019 in Chicago, USA.   The conference is open to financial cooperative supervisors only. The 2020 ICURN conference will be in Montreal, Canada. 

Read the news release about the 2019 conference in Chicago.

Read about the 2018 conference which took place in Dublin, Ireland.


Best PRacticeS in financial Cooperative Supervision


Guiding Principles for Effective Financial Cooperative Supervision.


Best Practices for Financial Cooperative Governance.


Supervisors from over 30 countries and jurisdictions from Africa, Asia, Caribbean Europe, North America and South America are members of ICURN and direct its activities.  Supervisors with statutory authority to oversee financial cooperatives in their jurisdiction are welcome to join ICURN.  Contact us at for a membership inquiry.

Guiding Principles



These Guiding Principles have been formulated and are recommended by ICURN as a framework for assessing the effectiveness of the supervisor of credit unions.